Imagos photographs are presented in two different formats:

IMAGOS (Boxes) Three-dimensional cut-out photographs. Giclee prints
on archival cotton paper inside of entomological wooden box.
Print 9 x 9 in. approx. Entomological wooden box. 18 x 16 x 2 3/4 in.

IMAGOS (Flat) C-prints 40 in x 35 in / 100 cm x 90 cm
The Imago series is a collection of thirty photographs of butterflies from different countries which are digitally fused with photographs of female genitalia. Each woman and butterfly fused together match from the same country of origin. This series explores female identity through sexuality and their related values upon ethnic diversity, cultural and ideological heritage. All women and butterflies were photographed in New York, addressing also the reconstitution and preservation of identity after immigration.

These photographs portray the body–object relation, the sexualized woman who could be transformed into an object used and governed by money, collectible items in a culture that objectifies persons and personifies objects. The object of desire concept engages representations of the body, affections, emotions, psychological and social experiences and the narcissistic pleasure of being possessed as loved object. Women's search for her own desire and being desired is essential to the construction of her identity and the development of personality, which is the condensation of sex and psyche. In ancient Greek, Psyche meant butterfly as well as soul and mind. Imago, which
in Latin means an idealized mental image of the other or the self, also means insect in its final adult stage, winged and sexually mature.

The series include a butterfly from Nigeria, which is matched with the genitalia of a Nigerian princess who suffered from female genital mutilation at age seven.

The Imágos photographs have been exhibited at; •8th International Women Art Festival, Aleppo, Syria, where the photographs were censored and confiscated. At the Musée de la Photographie a Charleroi, Belgium 2008. Yeosu Art festival, Korea 2008, Fieldgate gallery, London 2007. Galería Leme, São Paulo, Brasil 2007. Cervantino International Festival, Guanajuato, Mexico. 2006. Kashya Hildebrand gallery New York, 2006.. Among other galleries, museums and art fairs in different countries.