The images that make up Traps evoke the otherwise indescribable transitional processes associated with the passage from life through the agony of suffering to the inevitability of death. To translate these conditions into images, I have turned to performance, video, installations and photographs and paintings using my own body to depict the intimate nature of sensations thought to be part of the experience of transition from one state of being to another. But it is not my own character that forms the axis of this dialog in my work, but the representation of the reducible physical manifestations of the body as they appear in all living creatures.

In the images produced for Traps, the captive body – surrogate for any living creature – appears behind a transparent screen that represents the state of trance between life and death. They are intended to suggest the act of respiration, a process through which body fluids and sensations are exhaled in an effort to be free. In order to represent this state of imposed captivity, I have submitted parts of the body, and principally my skin, to the effects of temporary deformation, proceeding from a state of tension to a state of release.

In the process, I seek to expose the mysterious, voyeuristic contemplation of the subject held captive in the far reaches of the trance state, the irreverent pleasure and joy of the witness who observes the vulnerability, suffering, ecstasy and eventual decease of any human being. The sequences of images that make up Traps represent those people who are held captive by a system, who have, through no fault of their own, become victims of its circumstances.