Lens Vivant

LENS VIVANT a Living-Installation Concerto created and directed by Erika Harrsch in collaboration with singer Magos Herrera and cellist Jeff Zeigler, featuring the ©ErikaHarrsch-LEDCello.

Lens Vivant by Erika Harrsch is a multisensory artistic expression, an interdisciplinary collage combining video, sculpture, costumes, lighting, actors, music, and performance. This visual and sound narrative, inspired by the cinematography of Gabriel Figueroa, tells us of concerns in contemporary Mexico and assembles universal interests in an attempt to reflect on crucial life events with the possibility to revert the consequences and to reach that which is essential in the human experience. The script is structured using fragments of conversations derived from original dialogue by a variety of characters in diverse Figueroa films from the 1940s and 1950s. Harrsch recovers this dialogue from those decades and weaves them in a way that underscores its current relevance to themes present today in the com-plex conunundrum that is Mexican society and politics. In the context of Lens Vivant, Harrsch’s visual world is the result of visual elements and symbols in which her work meets that of the great Mexican cinematographer.

Creative Direction, Artistic Lead and Visual Content – Erika Harrsch
Singer – Magos Herrera. Cellist – Jeff Zeigler, featuring the ©ErikaHarrsch-LEDCello
Lens Vivant Dress, Created and Hand Painted by Erika Harrsch adapted to Magos Herrera design
Stage Direction – Michael McQuilken; Performing Artist – Laura Lona; Performing Actor – Daniel Irizarry;
Projection Designer – Paul Lieber; Light Designer – Maruti Evans; Sound Designer – Sascha von Oertzen;
Motion graphics Artist – Chang Kim; Sound Artist – Alex Zisis; Hair Stylist – Lau Gallico; Editor – Paul Lieber;
Video adaptations – Paul Lieber and Erika Harrsch from Gabriel Figueroa films; Macario, Rio Escondido, El Fugitivo, El Rebozo de la Soledad, Enamorada, Salón Mexico
Script – Erika Harrsch, based on Gabriel Figueroa Films; Produced by Erika Harrsch
Lens Vivant Soundtrack by Alex Zisis and Erika Harrsch, sound adaptations from Gabriel Figueroa films.
La Llorona – popular folk Mexican Song; La Malagueña, by Elpidio Ramírez and Pedro Galindo;
Improvisations over Danzón; Musical Arrangements by Magos Herrera y Jeff Zeigler.

Premiered at El Museo del Barrio on March 2, 2015, with the support of Televisa Foundation and El Museo del Barrio in Honor of “Under the Mexican Sky: Gabriel Figueroa - Art and Film”


Lens Vivant