Erika Harrsch explores the possibilities of a multilevel artistic expression, creating an interdisciplinary collage with moving images, installation and music. Her visual realms are elaborately conceived and consistently layered with drawings, paintings, photography, videos and animations, all fused in a single innovative artistic vision. Room 35 is a sequence of videos with a non-linear narrative inviting and seducing the visitors to immerse themselves in a multi-sensory experience, to move within color and sound, into a space that presents an alternate vision of the tangential impulses of the human spirit. Harrsch's videos and animated paintings fade and grow, as a dream, submerged in water, floating, contained and exposed. Shattered mirrors surrounded by gaping eyes, bodies in motion and shadows that kiss, with the hope that they touch the fissures of reality. The remembrance of a room where all is contained, life itself. Room 35 premiered February 1st 2014 at the Krannert Center.

An interdisciplinary installation concerto created by visual artist Erika Harrsch and composer Paola Prestini with cellist Maya Beiser, featuring the ©Erika Harrsch-LEDCello. Stage director Michael McQuilken, Brad Peterson video designer and Yi Zhao lighting designer. A collaborative venture that tightly incorporated sound, lighting design, and projected moving images. The Krannert Center performance featured the ©Erika Harrsch-LEDCello in collaboration with Meric Adriansen froom D3Led, eDream institue and Jason Price animation. A Beth Morrison Projects work commissioned by VisionIntoArt and the Krannert Center. Supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.